How to Buy Medicine

  1. Place Enquiry (Step 1)

    Please choose your product and the quantity you want to buy and Ask for Latest Price from “Ask Price” button and place an enquiry or you can directly send required product and its quantity on Whatsapp for price quotation.

  2. Details (Step 2)

    Once you would agree to buy, please send your details in the following format with your valid prescription or Drug license (if you are buying for reselling) and your valid ID.

    Enter Your Name :
    Enter House Number :
    Enter Street :
    Enter City :
    Enter Country :
    Enter Zipcode :
    Enter Mobile Number :
    Enter E-mail ID :
    Enter Product Name :
    Enter Quantity :

  3. Payment (Step 3)

    For the SWIFT transfer, you will need an invoice when you send us a complete name & shipping address, we will send you to invoice soon.
    After swift transfer, send us a copy of the bank transfer in the English language so that we can prepare your parcel, it takes 2-3 days to reflect the payment in our account.

  4. Dispatch (Step 4)

    We will dispatch your parcel on the same day after receiving payment confirmation from our bank and will send you the tracking number.